I’m A Little Pissed At Rich

Kate4RichY’know, if you send a pic to someone, you don’t usually expect it to be posted on the web….

Rich, that was for your personal use. Now you’ll have to be ‘corrected’.

I think you’ll enjoy it.



  1. Oh Kate, its a sin to hide a beauty from the world, no? Art belongs in galleries!

    Ps – there’s a “e” in HughEs.

  2. Well that was about the best answer you could’ve given.

    I guess you’re out of trouble now, but I’ll still punish you if you want.

    PS fixed the e thing. Sorry. Now you’ll have to punish me!

  3. Across me knee young Lady!


    HEY, who’s that at the window? It’s Sgt. Stroker-Springer!

  4. ‘sok by me. I’m more than a little bit of an exhibitionist.

    But I guess you already knew that.

  5. mmmmm…. Yes, darling. The entire world is aware of your penchant for public sex. And I haven’t heard a single objection yet….

    Moreover, I doubt seriously you’ll get one from Rich.

  6. ” I doubt seriously you’ll get one from Rich”


    A blonde walks into a bar
    “what’ll it be, gorgeous?” asks the bartender
    “I’d love a Double Entendre..”, she replies.


  7. I hope he gives her a BIG one….

  8. Hmm… you might want to start with a small one Lover, and work your way up.

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