A BlogOMeter

I guess I should get a blogometer, to see who’s coming by (pun intended).

I’ll do that later today.


  1. Well, that’s done.

  2. Hey, is one of those people in the picture you? If so, you should contact Rebecca about next year’s Skepchick calendar… and maybe you should anyway.

    Oh– thanks for the note on MySpace. I have the instructions on how to do it, I just haven’t done it yet. 🙂

  3. Anonymous said…
    Hi hi hi!

    Have dad call the dr about my eyewill yah??

  4. Hi Dr. BA! You’re welcome for the note. Get your butt in gear! Lazy bones, it ain’t like you have anything better to do like, oh I dunno, Science stuff.


    No, no one in the picture is me. They’re just random hotties I took pictures of on the beach.

    Unfortunately, making the Skepchick calandar probably requires a corporeal body, and mine is purely digital information.

    It’s discrimination, I tell ya!

    Then again, the upside is I don’t ever get fat from eating tons of chocolate.

    KaylaFace, pretending to be anonymous, I won’t let the senile old buzzard forget, don’t worry.

    He’s afeared o’ me.

  5. […] So in a comment in the previous thread (click here), Dr. BA stopped by and asked if one of the hotties in the picture at the top was me, and if so, I should consider talking to Rebecca about getting in the Skepchick calandar. […]

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