In Case You Hadn’t Noticed

Hello To WordPressI’m moving here from Blogger.

Since my blog was a beta, the importer doesn’t work. 

 That means I have to copy, paste, and edit each post and comment by hand.


The good news is that it was just an experiment anyway, and very new, so there isn’t a lot to move.

So as you’re reading this, things may pop up and move, and do weird stuff.

Ignore it ’til it goes away.



  1. Just sayin hey!

  2. Hey Amanda! We’ve been really busy trying to clean up our new blogs, plus the cable’s been in and out (the whole neighborhood, not just us), so we haven’t been able to do a whole lot of surfing or blogging per se.

    We’ll be back around when we can.

    Kisses to you.

  3. Hope your new home is all you’d hoped it would be. That sounded so stupid, but I don’t feel like thinking, so you’ll have to deal 🙂

  4. Dealin’.


  5. Hi

    I have just found you via a long path that started from Dr BA’s blog.


  6. Hi, Patrick!

    I’ll have to thank Dr. BA for that, then!

    Glad you made it here.

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