Dear Santa

Santa’s GirlYou rock.

Thanks for the stuff. The boots are bitchin’, and the chemises are gorgeous. The nurse’s outfit will be much appreciated next time Janie’s sick.  (Click the pic to see the nurse’s outfit). The choker is beautiful, and the anklet is, too.

Also, thanks for stuffing the naughty drawer. It’s so full now that I think we’ll need a second one. And remembering all the batteries was awesome.

Mostly though, I just want to thank you for stopping by. It was good to see you again. I was a little worried that I might be on the “naughty” list this year. I’m glad you told me about the third list. I didn’t know you kept a “very naughty, very nice” list. I’ll do my best to be on that one every year!

I only have one minor request. You know that one thing, the big purple thing? It’s very cool looking and all, but there’s a small problem. We can’t quite figure it out, and the instructions are in Sanskrit or something. Do you think you could give us a little help when you stop by to pick up your thong?



P.S.  Thanks for not bringing me  a Cocksnack.


  1. I’m really not sure how the straps are supposed to go, but I think they must attach to the ceiling somehow with those big screws.

    How the parachute fits into the picture, I can’t even imagine, but it looks like fun!

    (But seriously, what the hell are the calculator and spark plugs for?????)

  2. Still trading taunts with those folks with the IQ of shelf paper? Well, I suppose if it feels good…. Here’s hoping you humiliate them properly in 2007.

    Happy New Year from my avatar to yours! You too JanieBelle. I think the calculator is to figure out trajectories, but I won’t hazard a guess for the spark plugs. I take it that you don’t have a finicky old British sports car in the garage, and beyond that, well, what I don’t know, I can’t repeat.

  3. Hi BreakersLion!

    Good to see you!

    Yep, still toying with the Stupid (as we’ve taken to calling our Fundy-mice). See the Jersey Girls thread on UDoJ for our latest example.

    They aren’t getting any smarter, so 2007 should be lots of fun…dy! 🙂

    We wish we had an old British sports car in the garage, but no such luck. Maybe Santa forgot to leave one!

    Meanwhile, we’ve figured out another use for the sparkplugs and calculator, but as sexy as this blog gets, and as close to the “porn line” as I tend to dance, there’s no way I could describe that in public.


  4. What Did Santa Leave You?

    I got a new teddy, some perfume, a gift certificate for a day at the spa with all the services included, a little black dress with matching thigh highs, and some strappy heels.

  5. […] But I love her anyway.  And I think she’s exaggerating a little, because I’m in my nurse’s outfit. […]

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