Pull Your Thong To The Side

Pointless PostI think I’m becoming an addict, but this one deserves its own post…

Another Pee Alert from Fundies Say The Darndest Things – You have been warned.



12/29/2006 3:36:21 AM

Oh yes, I remember that tradition now….Something old, something new, something borrowed and a great big hairy vagina.

God I love that place!


  1. oh.



    That was funny. I wonder if we could nominate Cocksnack for a “Great Big Hairy Vagina Award”….

    He’d like that, I think.

  2. You guys are too funny.

  3. Hi max, thanks. I really love fstdt. That comment was on Janie’s submission there. Her submission came from the “Jersey Girls” thread I think.

  4. Link to the original comment at Janie’s. Most of it was bad enough to be disemvoweled. She had to do it manually back then because we didn’t have a script that does it like we do now. But she left the choice part alone, just for fun. fstdt is down right now. It’s been a little wonky lately because they’re getting really a lot of traffic.

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