Robyn’s Evolving NovelFirst I’m just going to echo Janie’s post about Maryann.

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you about this!

Busy, I guess.

I’ve just added a link to the blogroll, down in the Literature and Literotica section called “Maryann“. Click it.

Our friend Robyn, from Just Sayin’ is in the process of writing a novel, and it’s terrific so far! She’s posting each chapter as she finishes them, so it’s like one of those old time serial movies, where you had to go back each week to see the next chapter.

It’s very good, and very cool, so why are you still here? Go read Maryann!

(I hope you don’t mind my swiping your image to plug your book, Robyn!)

Truly. It’s about the life and love of Maryann, wife and mother in a coal mining town, her crappy husband, her darling daughter, her patient mother, and her too-inquisitive best friend and neighbor.

It’s very suspenseful, and will jerk your emotions around ’til you grit your teeth.


Don’t make me get out the riding crop.



  1. Happy birthday. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Dr. BA!

    I was a little confused as to how you knew at first…

    Janie thinks she’s slick with that “delayed post” thing. I’ll have to keep a better eye on that girl.


  3. […] Yep, I’m A New Year’s Baby Filed under: About, Humor, Romance, JanieBelle — Corporal Kate @ 1:00 pm As I said to Dr. BA, I’m gonna have to keep a closer eye on Janie. […]

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