Yep, I’m An Addict.

The Alien Rulers, According To EvolutionFundies do indeed Say The Darndest Things.

Carico is quickly becoming my favorite Fundy EVAH!!!!!!

“”According to evolutionists, it’s a fact that aliens ruled the planet before the dinosaurs because that can’t be disproven.

We have deformed skulls to prove that these aliens once had ape-like foreheads, and some walked on 2 legs and others walked on 4 legs. And since there have been confirmed sightings of alien spacecraft, that proves that they have come back to check on how things are going on planet earth.

We don’t know who the first alien was, but from the few skulls and bones we have, we can tell that there were millions of them. Then when they had explored planet earth, they found it boring and decided to leave but not before some of them had died here which is why we still have their skulls and bones. From them, we can tell what they wore, what color eyes they had, and that they were covered in hair. These are what evolutionists call facts, so we’ve proven that aliens once ruled the planet earth.””

Carico, CARM [Comments (39)] [2006-Dec-14]

Submitted by Aagcobb


  1. [xian logic]

    If “evilutionists” believe their Grandparents were Chimpanzees, how come monkeys don’t fly out of my butt?”

    [/xian logic]

  2. [Janie logic]

    Who says they don’t?

    [/Janie logic]


  3. “it’s a fact…”

    The word “fact” needs to be confiscated from the creationists. They don’t know one when they see one, and they see one when there isn’t one. Of course, the same should be applied to the word “truth”.

  4. spirula:

    That reminds me of the old Ashley Montague quote:

    “Science is proof without fact; Creationism is fact without proof.”

  5. I like the universe with its stars and planets and grass and flowers and trees and birds and animals without arguing with people over who made it and how long it took. My favourite thing is rain and lots of other forms of water. This comment is so off topic isnt it? lol. Happy new year!


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