Yep, I’m A New Year’s Baby

As I said to Dr. BA, I’m gonna have to keep a closer eye on Janie.

Nice trick with that “delayed post” thing.  And here I thought she was just working on those funny search terms last night.

Never trust a half naked girl with a computer.


Thank you, Lover.   I’ll have to think up something sneaky for your birthday next month.


  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks, Amanda! It’s good to see you. How did your holiday go? I know it started out pretty crappy, I hope it got better.


    (p.s. Janie’s a Valentine’s Day baby, just so y’know. Don’t tell her I told you though.)


  3. Happy Birthday 2 U. Happy B-day 2 U. Happy B-day, Ms. Preside-ent. Happy B-day 2 U.

    I know you’re not the presudent, or a president, but I’d vote for you, or hire you. Put me on your references list.

  4. Thank you, Dear Blipey.

    I’d vote for you, too!

    (Maybe we should form an investagatory commission and think about sharing a ticket!)

  5. Happy Birthday Sweet Child.

    Ok so I am a little late but it is because I live in South Africa and I am therefore always a wee bit behind myself.

  6. Thanks, Patrick!

    Don’t worry about being a little late. “Better late than never”, y’know!

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