Feeding The Addiction

Nominated for Freudian Slip of the Month at FSTDT…

“…I’ve been struggling with one particular sin over the years, since my teenage years.
…Its a typical sin for young men and men in general. It got worse after I had my first ever girlfriend and relationship and after we broke up. In my heart I know its wrong, I ask for strength. Then when temptation hits, it hits so strong. It tugs and tugs and pulls and pulls.”

Jeremy, Rapture Ready [Comments (32)] [2007-Jan-08]

I gotta quit reading that stuff.



  1. I was raised and schooled fundy. I remember one time, at a church I was going to during my college days,the minister asked if anyone in the congregation had any prayer requests. This one guy, seated next to his girlfriend, asked that the everyone pray for him to have the strength to combat his sin of masturbating. It got real quiet (though I had a really hard time stopping from snickering, and thought I could hear someone else). The minister was speechless for many awkward seconds, then made some general appeal. No one wanted to shake the guys hand after the service. One of the most awkward but fucking hilarious things I have witnessed.

  2. Hilarious

  3. It just rubs me the wrong right way!


  4. Talk about stroking your audience!!!


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