Quiet The Hum, Part One

Janie’s Orgasm(To read this from Janie’s point of view click here.)

I keep my Lover happy. I give her whatever she needs. So when she tells me she needs something I can’t give her, I find someone who can.

Janie was innocent when I met her. There was just something irresistable about her when I saw her across the parade grounds on the Fourth of July. Barefoot, tiny miniskirt, short cropped top, and perfect shades. Just enough muscle to tell me she could keep up, but not too much to be feminine. Little drops of sweat running in all the right places. Like the drops of sweat I wanted to make her feel.

So young looking, though. She was aware of her hotness, but wasn’t flaunting it. Vasquez poked me, and nodded in her direction. Yeah, like I would’ve missed that, Billy Boy. Not.

“Smokin,” he said.

“No shit. A bit young for me, though.”

Billy V raised an eyebrow at me. He knew me well. In fact, he knew me in every way imaginable. We were partners, and we liked to fuck. It was a good match. We were best friends, so there was no danger of romantic entanglement. Like I said, a good match for partners.

So this hot young thing caught me drooling, and I didn’t bother hiding it. She strolled her sexy ass over, and chatted us up. It was pretty obvious she wasn’t interested in whatever it was we were talking about. She wanted to know what I had under my uniform, and how she was going to get to find out.

She shifted from foot to foot. Y’know that shift. The one that tries to look casual, but it’s really because your thong’s getting sticky. I knew she was dripping. Christ, I think I could smell her horniness.

We swapped numbers, and I sent her on her way.

“Too young my left nut. You’re going after that, Bank.”

“You bet your sweet ass I am, Billy V.”

I let her stew awhile, and didn’t call her for a couple days. I like to make them sweat a little, and I want them horny and hungry for me.

When I finally did take her out, she was everything I thought she’d be. Except I didn’t dream a girl like that would still be a virgin at seventeen. Bonus points!

So I seduced her, but good. I think we were madly in love by the end of the first week.

And what a willing and eager little student she is. I’ve shown her more in six months than most people learn in a lifetime. There is nothing outside the rules, nothing forbidden, nothing she won’t try, and so far nothing she hasn’t loved and begged for more of.

I love my student, and she loves me. And there is a trust between us that even Billy V and I couldn’t rival.

Plus, she proofreads my posts for me. My stuff would probably suck without her.

So when I noticed something was off, I knew there was something she wanted. Something she needed. When I asked her about it, she couldn’t tell me. Not that she wouldn’t tell me, she couldn’t. She didn’t know what it was herself.

I played with her a bit, testing and prodding, and poking, and stroking, trying to help her figure it out. And finally, one night when she was the one with the riding crop and I was the one tied to the bed blindfolded and gagged, it dawned on me. It’s funny how sometimes you can really understand what’s going on around you when you’re like that. She didn’t need a dick, per se, but she did need something I couldn’t give her. So I decided to go find it for her.

The next day, I made a phone call to one of my old playmates. Jake was just what Doctor Kate would prescribe. I had already trained him well, and he wouldn’t be too much for my Love to handle. His parents had a beach house, and they wouldn’t be using it this week, and he could take some leave, so I set it up for the following day.

Jake promised to pack up a few things and head right for the beach house, to get it dusted and ready for our arrival. Meanwhile I did what I could to appease her “hum” as she’d been calling it. I’ve had the hum. I know the hum well. It’s different than an ache, much more persistant. It’s like having your vibrating thong on all the time. It runs from deep inside you, through your crotch, down your thighs, up your belly. It’s a constant need for immediate orgasm, and nothing quite satisfies it. Well, almost nothing.

That night, I drew my Love a hot bubble bath. She loves to be pampered, and I love to pamper her. I brought her in, made her close her eyes, and took care of everything. I was sure to undress her slowly, kissing her softly as I did. I kissed every bit of her as each part of her skin was exposed. I knew I was making it worse for her, but soon I would make it better.

I ran my lips across her throat and down her shoulder as I slipped her blouse from her. I kissed the inside of her elbows, down to her wrists, and finally her fingers. I sucked on each one in turn as her blouse hit the floor.

I kissed the place her bra straps hid, as I flicked open the clasp in front. I ran my lips and tongue down her breasts, and took her nipples between my teeth while I used the bra to pin her arms behind her. My Lover’s tits are perfect, and I tasted every inch of them.

I let the bra drop to the floor, and slipped around behind her. I let my breath out gently, barely grazing the soft and nearly invisible little blond hairs down her spine. She murmured in pleasure as the goose pimples broke out all over and she shivered. This was death by sweet torture for her, and she leaned back into me as I rose to kiss her neck, and that secret place behind her ear.

I slid my hands around her waist, and gave her a gentle squeeze before my fingers found the buttons to her skirt. Her hands came up to cover mine, and to tell me with a touch that I was doing well.

I dropped her skirt gently, running my hands down her hips and legs, and my tongue down the inside of her thigh to her knee, then back up the inside of the other thigh. She leaned forward and spread her feet some as I got back to the top, giving easy access to where she wanted my tongue to go. Sooooo tempting. Her ass is so round and small, each cheek barely more than a handful. But I wasn’t ready to give her release just yet.

I took just a little flesh between my teeth, nipping gently, and with my left hand wrapped around her thigh, I wound up with my right. She never felt it coming.

“BITCH!” she squealed as she about jumped on top of the vanity.

“You have no idea,” I teased. “Now get back over here so I can finish.”

She was rubbing the blood red print of my hand on her ass cheek, and laughing and cursing. Well, there went a little stress.

I finished getting her naked, and helped her into the tub. I finally got her to close her eyes again, and relax while I washed every inch of her. I lathered her up and shaved her legs, with all the sensuality I could muster. By the time I had shaved and trimmed her the way I like her, she was ready to eat me alive. I got her dry and out of the tub, dressed her in her favorite (and mine) black lace teddy, and got her tucked into bed. Then I headed for the shower and took care of my own body much more quickly than I had hers.

By the time I had slipped into my chemise and crawled into bed, she was nearly asleep. I decided to move things along to make sure she got plenty of rest, but found her teddy was already unsnapped, and her thighs were soaked. Poor thing couldn’t quite wait for me. I kissed her goodnight, and held her close as she drifted off to sleep.

I was up and ready to go by the time she got out of bed the following morning. I was dressed to the nines, and had laid out her clothes for her. When she came and found me surfing the web, she was obviously disappointed that we wouldn’t be showering together that morning. I didn’t want her to be too down about it, so I made sure to give her a long slow look up my skirt as I took my feet off the desk.

Above the tops of my stockings there was nothing but garter and a smile, and she got a very good look. I turned her around and marched her into the bedroom, where she pulled a flying supergirl thing onto the bed. She expected me to follow, but not today.

I pointed to her clothes I had laid out, and told her to get dressed, and closed the door and went back to the computer. When I heard her get out of the shower, I got the car keys and waited at the door for her. I had something special planned.

Damn, she looks good in that outfit, and there’s just something about those shoes. I got them for her for Christmas, and when I saw them in the window at the store, I thought I was going to cum right then and there. I wasn’t sure she could walk in heels that high, but they sure did something for me when she wore them in bed a few times.

When she came strutting out of the bedroom, I almost decided to do her right on the living room carpet. It took everything I had not to knock her down and take her. I wasn’t sure I could talk, I was so excited. I began to feel the hum myself, as we drove south on 17.

She did ask where we were going, but I just gave her my cat-who-just-ate-the-canary smile. She wrinkled her cute little nose, but let it drop. We couldn’t get there fast enough, and I cheated on the speed limit a little. I wasn’t worried about a ticket, the way we were dressed. No cop in the world, male or female, would have been able to bring themselves to write one.

I dropped down a little closer to the speed limit once we were on the island, and managed to get us all the way to Jake’s place. I was desperately in need myself by this time, and got the luggage I had packed out of the trunk as quickly as I could and just about ran for the door.

As soon as I got the door opened, my dear Love Janie decided she couldn’t even wait to get the door closed. I was on my back with my face in her freshly smooth lower lips before I even knew what hit me. I thought about telling her to wait a minute, but after about a nanosecond, I was engrossed in what I was doing. Normally in this position I reach up and grab ahold of the tops of Janie’s upper thighs to hold her in place. Finding it unnecessary this time, and so horny myself that I was about to bust, I stuck one hand up my own skirt, and began to take care of myself while I took care of my Lover.

I wasn’t sure what had gotten into her at that moment, but it turned me on so much that I took about ten seconds to reach my first orgasm, and I think I accidently bit her a little too hard when I climaxed the third time, but that only made her more insistant. Fortunately, Janie wasn’t far behind that one, because the way she was grinding her hips into my face, I wasn’t sure if the floor would give way or I would suffocate if it lasted much longer. My angel was possessed of a very wild demon.

When she finally came, gushing all over my face and with two fistfuls of hair holding me clamped in place, I nearly drowned. I could feel her scream, but I couldn’t hear it because her thighs were so tightly pressed into my head. This was one hell of an orgasm she just had.

Eventually her powerful thigh muscles began to quiver and relax, and she let go of my hair without warning. I barely felt my head hit the hardwood floor, I was just grateful for the ability to breathe.

After a few minutes, she staggered to her feet, and nearly fell. She looked down at me with messy hair and a bloody lip. I guess she had bitten it at some point. She smiled, and then started to laugh, but was trying not to at the same time. Someone else was laughing, too, but I had to crane my neck around to see him.

“Hello Jake,” I purred at him, already feeling the warmth begin to spread again.

“Hello Mistress Kathryn.”

Read Part Two —–>


  1. […] It’s been building for a few weeks now. I’ve had an itch. Not a literal itch, but a figurative one. One of those itches you just can’t seem to scratch. […]

  2. So uh…don’t tell anyone I said this…but where can I find me a Kate? 😉

  3. Oh dear, Amanda! Our lips are sealed. Well, I mean we won’t tell.


  4. I knew there was more to Amanda than met the eye.


  5. There’s a lot more to me than meets the eye, girls! However, I’d imagine that’s a basic truth about most folks, wouldn’t you?

  6. I’d say that SleepyBelle and I are perfect examples of that, wouldn’t you?

    It’s just a surprise to hear it from you. You present a very prim and proper face, and I didn’t really expect a public comment from you on this one at all.

    I don’t think you have anything to worry about with your regular readers ever coming to this filthy place though. 😉

    Of course, even if they do, remember that when the preacher catches you in the X rated movies, he can’t really say anything to anyone about it, without admitting he was also in the X rated movies. So you give him your best slutty smile, run your tongue across your teeth, pinch him on the ass (or wherever else might arouse your curiosity!), and go on about your business. What’s he gonna do? File a police report? Get up on Sunday and say “You’ll never believe what that slut Amanda did to me while I was watching Debbie do Dallas…”? 😀

    Just a thought.

    Kisses to you, Amanda.

  7. Oh bother, I really should not read these things at the office, especially first thing in the morning. I shall now spend the next eight plus hours with these images in my mind.

    It is going to be a loong day.

  8. Patrick started,

    “Oh bother”

    Yes, Patrick. That’s the idea. Bother.

    “I really should not read these things at the office, especially first thing in the morning. I shall now spend the next eight plus hours with these images in my mind.

    It is going to be a loong day.”

    How tortuous for you. I love it!

    I hope you sit at a desk with a place to hide your…um… thoughts.

    On second thought, I hope you don’t.


  9. *whimpers* I…uh…oh dear…um…*purrr*…please can I have some more *bats her eyelids ever so sweetly*

  10. I’m aiming to please. And I hope my aim is true.

    Another dose


  11. Wow, you have talent. I’ll have to read the rest of these

  12. Thank you. Janie polishes up the words for me. She’s good at grammar and stuff.

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