Quiet The Hum, Part Two

Cross In My Teeth(To read this from Janie’s point of view click here.)

Captain Jake Lacoste is a chaplain from base. He’s a Catholic priest in the real world, and he was dressed in his best real world clothes.

He’s a beautiful hunk of man, intelligent and strong, muscular and masculine.

He’s also my personal property.

Janie wasn’t sure what to make of him at first. I could see the wheels turning in her head as she studied him intently. It was almost as if she was saying “He’s a man. He’s a priest. He’s not really a priest. He’s a man.”

I about busted out laughing when she said, “What the Hell?!?!”

Nice first impression, Lover.

I just looked her right in the eye and purred, “Oh you’re gonna like this, Kitten.”

She had finally decided that Jake must have just been dressed like a priest, but I told her differently. I had her help me up, and I think she was just speechless at this point, so I took her to the bathroom where I could give her a few minutes to get herself back together. She was still bleeding a little from her lip, and her hair was a wreck.

As I led her past my priest, I whispered softly to him just under my breath. “Stay.” I knew that if I came back three days later, Jake would be right where I had left him. Jake knows how to take an order.

In the bathroom, I saw my Lover needed more attention than I had figured. She was full of questions, but they would have to wait. I shushed her and started taking care of her. I kept my face as close to hers as I could, so she could smell herself on my face. That always drives her insane, and this time was no exception.

I didn’t want to torture her too much just yet, so I went about cleaning my makeup from her thighs. Well that wasn’t helping matters, and I guess I couldn’t help myself. I tortured her just a little more, rubbing inside her thighs even after there wasn’t any make-up left. And I didn’t stop there. There was probably make-up that needed to be washed from inside her, and she spread her legs quickly to let me get it. I went out of my way to barely brush where she really wanted me to.

I teased her for just long enough, bringing her right to the edge, and then hopped up and walked over to the sink to check my face. I’m a bitch like that. She whimpered and begged and grabbed and begged some more, but I sent her away.

I told her where to find the confessional, and went back to my hair and make-up. She did as she was told, and I did a quick fix of my face and straightened out the rat’s nest on my head. I had to be quick, and Jake would know better than to notice any small imperfections in me. It would have to do, I decided.

I left the bathroom and headed back toward the front door, where I found Jake just as I had left him. “Good boy,” I thought. Once properly trained, they never forget.

“Pre-game warm up, Jake. Let’s see it.”

Without hesitation, Jake dropped his slacks to his ankles and showed me he was already warmed up. I was tempted to forgive him this little indiscretion, jumping ahead of my commands, but if you give them an inch…

“I’m very disappointed, Jake. I didn’t tell you to be hard yet.”

“Forgive me Mistress Kathryn. I wanted to be ready for you – ”

“No excuses, Jake,” I cut him off. “I’ve never accepted excuses before, and I don’t intend to start now. I don’t have time to correct you now, but later on your ass is mine.”

“Yes Mistress Kathryn.”

Such a puppy, Jake. I guess I missed him a little, and was more concerned with Janie’s need than I was with Jake’s mistake, I guess. I was feeling a little forgiving after all.

“Spread ’em, I want to see it.”

Jake really did the best he could to spread his legs while they remained shackled at the ankles by his slacks. He wound up looking kinda silly, in a sort of half squat.

Of course it was still there, I just wanted to see how it was healing. It looked to be doing nicely, and Jake had taken care to keep the hair shaved away from the scar on the top of his inner thigh.

“Looks good, Jake. Go close the door.”

Jake shuffled across the hardwood and closed the door just as someone outside let out a squeal. Well good. Serves that old busy-body right. Mrs. Anderson is pretty nosy for such an old prude. I wondered for a second how Jake was going to explain that to his parents, and then put it out of my mind. That wasn’t my most pressing issue just now.

“Pull ’em up, but leave it out.” Once Jake was arranged, I grabbed the most convenient handle and led him to the guest room nearby. I was in the mood for taking a ride, but that might have messed things up, so I gave him the same treatment Janie had just given me.

Jake has always been gifted at oral pleasure, possibly because he can appreciate so well receiving it himself. His tongue is unusually rough, and he has a natural talent for being able to sense which parts of his mouth to use when. The proper timing of the use of tongue and lips and teeth is a difficult thing to teach, so I was pleased that Jake had such an innate skill.

Once I had taken what I wanted, I rewarded Jake a little, but didn’t let him get too far. I needed him ready, not spent. Even Jake’s turnaround time isn’t that short. I let him settle down a bit, then decided that Janie might like to taste my musk there too, should the day go in that direction.

“Don’t move.”

“No, Mistress Kathryn.”

I straddled him, still facing him, so I could watch the muscles in his jaw flex and strain, trying as hard as he could to fight his natural animal instinct.

Slowly I lowered myself down in one long motion, taking him completely inside me. I paused at the bottom to allow myself to get comfortable, and give him a minute to get used to being completely sheathed. It was imperative that he not spend himself unexpectedly. Once I was sure he was OK, I began the rhythmic rise and fall, twisting back and forth, and leaning forward and back. I wanted to be sure that by penetrating me, I was penetrating every inch of him in return.

Once I was satisfied that he was thoroughly drenched in me, I lifted myself off him and climbed back over him to the floor. I straightened my skirt, and used my finger to taste test for myself.

“mmm.. Pretty good, huh Jake?”

“Yes, Mistress Kathryn.”

“You’re just a flatterer, Jake. Tell me what you think. And stop with the ‘Mistress Kathryn’ for a minute.”

Jake hesitated. I never allowed him to take liberties like that. The one thing that might blow this for Janie was that Jake might be too well trained. I wondered if he’d be able to do the job I needed him to do. Actually, there were two possible jobs I might need him to do, and either one of them needed him to not be so… docile.

“Mistress Kathryn -”

“I said stop that for a sec. Just answer me honestly. How do I taste to you today?” I was getting a little irritated.

“Fine, Mis.. Fine.”

“Goddamnit Jake! Give me a fucking honest answer!” I was suddenly pissed that I might not have chosen the right tool for the job. This was not going well, and my Janie needed me to fix something for her. “I just spent ten minutes grinding my dripping pussy all over your fucking face! Tell me how my fucking cunt tastes to you! Describe it to me!”

Jake hesitated about a half a second too long, and he was going to pay for that mistake, but it would have to wait until later. He probably did it on purpose so he could get a little something extra. I really didn’t have time for games just then, but it was a damned good thing I like him so much.

“Ok, well, you taste mostly sweet, but a little sour. You always have that little salty sour taste when you’ve been too wet without cumming for too long.”

He looked a little worried that I might be mad at him for answering that way, but it was exactly what I wanted from him, and I told him so.

“Thanks. I’ll reward you later for that. Now I need you to do something else unusual for me. Actually, I need you to do one of two unusual things for me, depending on Janie.”

“Ok, anything.” I raised an eyebrow at him, waiting… “…Mistress Kathryn.”

“Good.” It’s not good to leave him off his leash too long. “Put it away carefully. Don’t wipe it dry while you’re doing it.”

Jake got himself together, and I explained in detail what I wanted from him.

When I was sure he understood, and I was feeling better about whether he could do it, we walked back to the den.

I love that den. It’s really an emergency chapel, set up to accomodate people who need Jake in his job as priest but might not be able or willing to make it to church or to the base. He’s used it during a few hurricanes too, when this or that church can’t use their regular building. It’s all hand made woodwork, done by Jake himself. He is as incredibly talented with his hands as he is with his tongue.

As we walked in I couldn’t help but hear the ruckus coming from the confessional. At first I thought she had gotten herself locked in there (it’s easy to do) and was trying to kick down the door.

But then I recognized her high-pitched moans. I knew the sound of her almost screaming grunts coming from between her clenched teeth. My Lover was about to cum, and hard.

“Sit down Jake, and give her a few minutes. She’s going to need to come down when she’s done.”

Jake and I sat on the pew he had built against the wall and waited for Janie to finish. Listening to her like this was pretty kinky, and I’ll have to make a habit of it.

I sat there worrying about my Lover, and at the same time getting turned on again. If I didn’t get her taken care of soon, her freaking head was going to explode. And the way things had been going, I wouldn’t be far behind.

We gave her about ten minutes after she must have nearly kicked the door in, and then I sent Jake on his mission of mercy. I walked over and leaned against the confessional door as quietly as I could, but heels on hardwood aren’t very quiet. I don’t think she noticed, though, because even with my ear to the door, it was hard to hear.

“Shall I leave the light off, Janie?”

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  2. I definitely want to know more about this Jake fella. I do hope you’ll be giving more background on him, even though the focus of the story is Janie.

  3. Oh, I’m all about pleasing, Amanda.

    I won’t even make you beg…

    this time.


  4. Whatever you say, Mistress Kath–I mean, Kate.

  5. C’mon Amanda.

    The words aren’t hard, and you almost got them.


  6. For the record, I don’t “grunt”.

    Just so y’know.


  7. Of course you don’t. **wink, wink..nudge, nudge**

  8. 😛

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