A Very Long Peek Above Our Garters

Wicked Kisses
Janie and I would like to take a moment to pass out our version of a “hat tip”.

The day before The Itch, Part The First went up, Molly posted Glimpses of Desire, about and including excerpts from her two plot story Desire, which alternates perspectives with her co-author, Andale.Although we didn’t get a chance to read the full version of Desire until just the other day, we cannot help but believe that this extremely hot story (check it out, for gods’ sakes) and its wonderfully sensuous method directly inspired the presentation of our own little adventure.

Molly Montrevoir of Molly’s Mirror, and Andale of Playful-Bent, this flash is for you.

NOTE: Desire is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License and should be attributed to Andale and Molly writing at Playful-Bent.


  1. And what a beautiful sight ….

  2. As are you, Molly.

    xoxoxo all over

    Kate (or Mistress Kathryn, if anyone prefers 😉 )

  3. *blushes* I’m so glad we could be of service 😉

    Now please excuse me while I go read “The Itch”.

  4. Be sure to tell us what you think so far.

    You’re dismissed.


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