Great Sex At Work

Have a Great Weekend!
So you got over the hump on Wednesday. You’ve made it to Friday. It’s almost the weekend.

But did you get over the hump by humping? Have you ever?

Before you go home to spend the weekend boinking your brains out, think back to that time with your secretary, that time with your boss, that time with your secretary and your boss.

Where did you do it? Supply closet? Over the copy machine? On the boss’ desk after hours?

Was it at the company picnic? The Christmas party?

Let’s hear it. Tell us your best sex-at-work story. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your current signifigant other, we promise.

Then go home and do the horizontal mambo as soon as you get in the door. Don’t hint about it, don’t request it. Walk in the door, grab a handful of hair, kiss like you want to be kissed, and drag your lover to the bed. Or the kitchen counter.

Or the picnic table out back, where the neighbors might catch you…. if you’re lucky.

Have a great weekend.

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