Quiet The Hum, Part Four

Janie The Succubus
(To read this from Janie’s point of view, click here.)

I started to get up from the pew, then thought about the heels. I sat back down and unbuckled the straps, took them off, and ran back toward the confessional as quietly as I could.

The floor was slick, like it had been recently oiled, and I just about crashed into the confessional when I could barely stop. I leaned my ear back up to the door just in time to hear the final whistle that ended the fourth quarter.

I was pretty sure I heard Jake say, “Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.”

Crap. I missed the whole damned thing.

I walked back over to the pew and thought about strapping my heels back on when Janie’s door opened and she stepped out. The dim red light from inside back-lit her just enough to make her a black shadow, very demonic looking, strangely.

Over my shoulder I could see the red light shining behind her, filtering through her hair and reflecting back into her eyes from something in front of her made me think of her poem about her dreams.

The dreams come.
I sweat.
Shall I see the angels?
Perhaps the demons this night.
or Death itself.
Women all, each and every one a woman,
Beautiful, Sensuous, Ravenous, Captivating, Spellbinding,
Eager to grace me with her presence,
Thirsting for my soul.
It is the Demon Tribe that owns me this night
I am carried away in their arms.
I succumb, my head thrown back, my hair trailing in the biting wind,
Limp, naked, lifeless,

“Kathryn.” A whisper. Janie had never once called me Kathryn.

She had me. With that one word she owned me, body and soul. As if I had never laid eyes on her, as if I had never tasted her, as if I had never loved her, I was totally hers for the taking right then and there.

I wanted nothing more than to kneel naked before her, head bowed, collar around my throat, hands and feet chained behind me, completely and totally her slave, her toy, her pet.

I turned the rest of the way around and hurried to meet her, and reached up to kiss her without saying a word. We are about the same height, and with her heels on she towered over me, intensifying this feeling of willing submission in me, increasing her power over me by the second.

Her lip bled freely into my mouth now. I could feel the wetness of her blood on my chin and cheek, my lips and nose, and my own wetness was drenching her fingers as she leaned down to grope me roughly.

She pulled her lip from my sucking mouth. I tried to get it back, but she pulled her head away just out of my reach. I was on my tip toes, partly trying to reach her bloody lip, partly to ease her handling of my other lips.

She turned us both around, so my back was to the confessional, and the red light flared in her eyes. I could see black stains down the front of her blouse, drops of blood that had dripped from her lip.

Lilith my ass. She was a vampire bride, or maybe Satan herself, and I was her evening meal. I leaned my head back to bare my throat, like the victims of Dracula in the movies.

With her right hand still gripping me from inside, and her left hand grabbing my ass, she pulled me so hard she almost lifted me off the floor, and her mouth shot in to kiss my throat. She slammed me back against the confessional, my toes just barely touching the ground. She took turns sucking and kissing and taking little nibbles, working her way up to my chin, over it, and to my mouth.

When I opened my mouth for her tongue, she surprised me. She bit down on my own lip. Hard. It hurt so bad that I could see the red light that had been flashing from my Lover’s eyes right through my eyelids. The fire was shooting from inside my eyes now.

My first reaction was to pull away to the side, but she just bit harder, and hung on with her teeth. God, it hurt. But I loved it, and gave up resisting almost right away.

I’m used to being in control. Even when Janie and I are playing in bed, and it’s my turn to be the submissive one, there’s a gentleness about Janie that never really goes away. Even when I’m tied down, I’m not completely out of control.

But not then. Not at that moment. My Lover was in control like she had never been before. The gentleness was completely gone, and there was a violence in its place. An animal hunger that I had never seen in her.

It was magnificent.

Her blood, my blood. Her lips, my lips. Her breath, my breath. It was all mingled together, swirling around in my head and I wasn’t sure where I ended and she began.

And I didn’t care.

I suddenly knew exactly which favor Jake would be doing for me, and I was jealous. He would be where I needed to be.

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