Tess over at Urban Gypsy holds nothing back.

Stolen Moments is incredibly graphic and intense.

I told you to meet me in a park close to my house. It was before eight o’clock; late enough to be shrouded in winter-darkness. I pulled in, parked next to you and hopped into your car. We can see the main road from where we were but around us were only shadows. Leaning in to kiss you, you held me back, held me at arms length, looked at me with those bright eyes that hold me spellbound, making my desire bloom and threaten to overwhelm me. You know what you do to me and you delight in it. The first kiss was gentle, soft and slow, my body separated from yours by the geography of your car, else I would have melted into you. Light kisses building in intensity, till you trapped my tongue in your teeth making me gasp. Tongues entwined as my limbs ached to be enmeshed with yours.

Read the rest. It’s … I’m not even sure what to call it, other than intense.

Man, that was good.


  1. Thank you. That made me smile. The experience was intense, I am so glad that my words were able to convey that.

  2. You’re welcome. It sooo did convey intensity.

    You did a great job of that!

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