Dr. BA Does SpaceFest ’07

SpaceFest 2007
Dr. BA has been invited to give his Moon Landing Hoax Debunking Talk at SpaceFest 2007. There are going to be a bunch of actual astronauts there, so he seems a bit on edge about it.

Houston, I have a problem.

You see, as you might expect, the astronauts are not big fans of the whole Moon Hoax thing. You might imagine why, since they walked on the Moon. More than a few of them don’t want to discuss it, and many think that no one should even talk about it. I’ve had a couple blow me off at meetings because I debunk it. They think it should be ignored.

I disagree. I think it’s OK for them to ignore it, but — and yes, this is distasteful to admit — it’s a part of Americana now, along with dumb 9/11 and JFK conspiracy theories. We’re stuck with it, and so someone has to deal with it. It’s beneath the astronauts’ dignity to address it, but luckily I have no dignity. I’m only happy to oblige.

Whether the Moon walkers like it or not, I have their backs. I can live with that.

Now I only have to figure out how to explain it to them. Cuz I’m going to SpaceFest in August! Woohoo!

Go give him some encouragement, I think he needs it.

If you haven’t already read it, here’s a link to his page on Fox TV’s pseudo-documentary on the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax B.S. In it, he takes the show apart, and answers all the dumb-ass “evidence” that’s usually offered up to claim that NASA faked the moon landings.

It’s a great resource for setting the record straight, and it should be in the “Debunking The Nutters” folder of your browser bookmarks.

It’s written with us non-scientists in mind, and it’s clear, straightforward, and uses actual… y’know… science.

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