Never Boink Your Skydiving Partner’s Boyfriend

USMC Super Duper Paratrooper

Just how dumb can you be? Doing the Horizontal Mambo with your skydiving partner’s boyfriend is just asking to have a crap load of silverware come from your parachute pack. Can you say “Wile E. Coyote”? I knew you could.

Found this on CNN:

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) — Authorities have opened a murder investigation into the death of a skydiver, saying they believe someone tampered with her parachute in an apparent fight over a lover.

Els Van Doren, 37, fell 13,000 feet to her death last November after her parachute and emergency chute failed to open.

A fellow female skydiver was detained for questioning last week and is the “prime suspect” in the investigation, prosecutor Michel Zegers said Wednesday. No charges have been filed.

Investigators believe Van Doren and the suspect, who belonged to the same parachute club, also dated the same man, a Dutch national identified as “Marcel.”

News reports say the suspect killed Van Doren in a jealous rage after learning Van Doren had an affair with her boyfriend.

They call that “Burning In” and it’s really not a bad way to go, all things considered – when you’re the one that is deciding it’s time to check out.

Oh, and the victim was videotaping the whole way down, and cops have the tape.

I wonder how long until I can get it on YouTube?


  1. bit too much…

  2. […] Just how dumb can you be? Doing the Horizontal Mambo with your skydiving partner’s boyfriend […]

  3. I couldn’t believe this when I caught it on the news. I mean, I could believe it, but I actually laughed out loud at the idea.

    Kate sweetheart, I should have written you earlier. I gave Janie the Whore Church Seal of Approval, but I wanted to stop by and let you know you BOTH get it. Sorry I didn’t stop by sooner. Please don’t be too harsh with me. Though if you want to take it out on my redhead,, just let me watch.

  4. Deal.

    But we get copies of the video.

  5. where’s your version of quiet the hum, part the last?

  6. I guess we know some intimate details about Amanda now…

  7. Kate’s isn’t finished yet.

    She’s thinking she shouldn’t write her last chapter at all, and I’m having a time trying to convince her that she should. She’s afraid of messing the story up, but I keep telling her that it’s just not finished without her last chapter.

    You guys need to convince her that she needs to finish it.

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