3 AM

I woke up sometime around 3AM this morning.

I more or less faded into consciousness.

Something warm and wet was working its way up the inside of my knee. Something silky was following it, and around it all was the tickle of long soft hair.

Coming up the the other leg at the same pace was something firmer, with just a little vibration to it.

My tap pants were missing in action, and my satin camisole was brushing against my nipples.

My Dear Love JanieBelle wanted something.

It’s not unusual for her to be in need at that hour. She’s a night owl, and lots of times she just needs a little something before she goes to sleep.

I’m pretty happy to help.

I’m good like that.

Janie’s tongue found a place to hover and circle on the inside of my left thigh, while Mr. Hum found his intended target.

Mmmm. Sweet.

After getting me all ready, all hot and bothered, Mr. Hum was ready to take the plunge, but stopped just at the opening.

“I have an idea. You’re going to finish your story.”


Quiet The Hum. You’re going to finish it.”

Ah. So that was the game.

Janie’s tongue did some more circling, and Mr. Hum did too.


She told me why. Then she gave me her idea.

“You don’t fight fair.”

“No, I don’t.”

I’m going to finish Quiet The Hum.

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