Quiet The Hum, Part Five

Ready For The Belt (To read Janie’s alternate ending, click here.)

“Where?” She whispered into my mouth. I was staring deep into the eyes of my new Mistress, seeing a part of Janie I had never known.

“Upstairs,” I whispered. “There’s a room – “

She cut me off. She let me down to the floor, then turned her head to the side a little. I didn’t care what she was looking at, I just wanted to keep looking into her eyes.

I suddenly felt the tips of her nails on my bleeding lip. I could smell myself on them. There was a hint of Janie there, too and a little mint like gum or breath mints. I kissed her fingers, and she began to push them into my mouth. I wanted to suck them, suck the wetness from them, and I did. I made love to her fingers with my mouth as she moved them in and out on my tongue.

“Now,” I heard her say.

No, not yet. I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t finished sucking on her fingers.

But when I saw Jake out of the corner of my eye, he was almost running for the door, and when Janie took a step back away from me, I knew I needed to follow him on the double.

I reached down to straighten my skirt, but Janie grabbed my hand and told me to leave it alone. She wanted to watch my ass as we headed up the steps. From where she would be watching, my ass wouldn’t be the only thing she’d see.

The thought of Janie following me up the steps with such a perfect view made me jealous. Our house is a rancher, so we don’t have steps. I’ve never had the privilege of watching Janie that way.

I was kind of wondering if the lips of her pussy would move together or separately as she climbed a set of stairs when Jake suddenly stopped just at the bottom of the steps. Janie about knocked me over as she came around me to Jake. She was moving with a purpose, like a pissed off Drill Instructor.

From behind I saw her reach down to Jake’s groin and suddenly yank. I cringed. For just a second, I thought she had ripped off his pecker with her bare hands. Ouch.

She didn’t (thank gods). But she had ripped off his black leather belt. It didn’t take me long to figure out what that was all about, and I was hustling my bare ass up the steps right behind her and Jake as fast as I could.

She took a good swing at Jake, and I had to duck to not catch the belt in the teeth. My Mistress stopped dead and gave me the Bad Eye. Don’t have to tell me twice, baby.

I expected the swing and the crack of the belt across my ass. I was ready for it. I enjoyed it.

The backhand, though. Another story. I was surprised by the backhand. I didn’t expect her to move so fast, and I didn’t expect it from that direction, either. Tennis lessons in high school. Shit.

I admit it. I let out a yelp.

I enjoyed it too, but in a different way.

A third swing was more than I wanted just then, though. I was clawing my way up the steps, trying to get past Jake, but that smart ass fucker was deliberately blocking me, keeping me between him and the belt.

Not fear so much, I don’t think. He wasn’t avoiding getting whacked, he was trying to make sure I would get whacked. That son of a bitch was enjoying hearing my ass get cracked with his belt.

He’d pay for that big time later, I swore.

We managed to get ourselves into the play room a few steps ahead of Janie. I thought about dragging Jake straight for the stock and beginning his correction lessons, but this wasn’t my day to be in charge, so I just stood inside the door and waited for my Mistress to arrive.

Jake had been busy, I could tell. Since my last little visit he had added that piece I thought up. I could see it was going to be even more fun than I had imagined when I drew up the design for him. It had padding and rings and straps and buckles in all the right places. He’d even done quite a bit of decorative carving to it, just to make it match everything else.

It was beautiful, and I was sure I wanted to be bent over it and strapped down by my Mistress even more than I wanted Jake to be secured in it.

My crotch was humming and dripping more and more with each passing minute. Janie’s hum had infected me, and it was crawling down my thighs and calves, up my belly and tits, down the insides of my arms and all the way to my fingertips. I felt it all the way into the back of my throat, and there was only one thing that would be able to reach that particular spot. I hoped my Mistress would allow it.

When Mistress Janie stepped into the room, she stopped. She took a few minutes to look things over, and I was pretty sure she had never seen anything like this before.

She looked a little confused when she saw the newest piece of equipment in the room, but didn’t say anything.

Finally, as I stood at parade rest, watching her take it all in, she walked over to the utility rack. The sound of her heels on the hardwood reminded me of my high school principal. She was a hot little thing, always dressed to fuck, big heels clicking up and down the tile floors of the hallway. I made sure to get sent to her office at least once a week, to be sure I got my correction. She was the one who introduced me to the fine art of corporal punishment, and the joys of both giving and receiving it. She never locked her door, or even closed it all the way. It was always open a crack, and the thought of getting caught with my face buried in her lap (or hers in mine) was a whole ‘nuther level of excitement.

Mistress Janie’s fingers ran up and down each piece in the rack, as she looked each of them over.

I saw her eyes light up, and a little smile cross her lips when she got to the cat o’ nine. Then she turned her head to me, her eyes closed a little, the smile got bigger and more devious, and she used two fingers to motion me over.

I walked over with my head turned down a little, so I could be looking up at her. It’s a gesture of submission. It tells her that I am aware of who the boss is.


I did.

She went back through all the things in the rack, asking which ones I liked, which ones Jake liked, and what a few of them were for. I explained as best I could without suggesting that she didn’t know. I made sure to answer like she was just quizzing me on my own knowledge. I didn’t want to offend my Mistress.

The three of us spent two days in that room, Mistress Janie learning all the things that my principal had taught me about domination and then some. She would practice her technique on Jake, and once she had it down pat she would try it out on me. After that, she would alternate between ordering me to fuck Jake as he was restrained, and doing the job herself. Sometimes, she would order Jake to fuck me while I was tied down, and Jake was a champion stallion, as always. He drilled me in every hole like he was a pillaging viking, and I was the young spoils of war.

For a girl who had never ridden a man before, I was amazed at how well she took to it. The first time she lowered herself down on his cock, she took it slow. Her eyes were closed and she was tasting every millimeter of him with her pussy.

After that, she was in no way gentle. She tried him out in every position possible, and even tested the new equipment herself, except she wasn’t tied down when Jake was fucking her senseless from behind.

She did, however, allow the stock to be closed and locked on herself, while Jake and I were ordered to apply our talents. We made her proud, and pleased her so well that she was sure to thank us both thoroughly.

My Mistress is a kind and loving Mistress, and she looks incredible in a leather Catwoman mask, lemme tell ya’.

When it was almost time for Mrs. Lacoste to come home, we gathered up our things, got cleaned up, and put ourselves back together. Janie and I showered together without Jake, and by the time the shower was done, things were back to normal.

We took turns applying ointment and salve to the various welts and bruises we had, and I dressed her before she dressed me. We both put on longer dresses I had brought, to cover our marks, but we were still all breezy under them.

Mrs. Lacoste came home and cooked us a big dinner, and she and I kept exchanging little smiles all evening. She could tell we had really enjoyed ourselves in her home the past few days.

Janie and I finally left and headed back home, and I could see out of the corner of my eye that she wasn’t squirming in the passenger seat like she was on the way there.

I didn’t say anything, but kept an eye on her with a little sideways glance whenever she wasn’t looking.

I still love my JanieBelle. More than ever, actually. She really surprised me when she took so much control, and then just let go of it when her itch was scratched.

But she’ll still get that itch from time to time.

And she’ll still have the hum that vibrates inside. But now we both know what to do about it.


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  2. I suppose it is a case of … Scratch my itch and I will scratch yours?

  3. Or maybe a case of “What goes around, cums around… and around and around”?

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