Now The King Of All Poo Is Pissed

Pooflingers AnonymousLook out WP staff. You just got some Poo flung your way.

Here’s the story: not long ago, Janie and Kate wrote a short bit of serial erotica from two differing points of view (me linky you long time). To be quite honest, it really wasn’t all that dirty in comparison to some of the shit I’ve read on the web, and it had a style I respect where things are more hinted at than graphically described. Allowing the imagination to fill in the blanks is a great way to fly, and works well in nearly every literary genre (the main reason I like Steven King’s older works). Forcing the reader’s imagination to become actively involved in the story adds a bit of investment for the reader, and keeps them coming back.

Unfortunately for the girls, some asshole at WordPress apparently objected. It’s not that erotica and sex are taboo topics for WP blogs… the only thing we can figure is that someone took issue with the involvement of a priest in the story. Janie and Kate suddenly found their tags no longer appearing on WP’s main pages, and no searches in WP returned hits. All this, and no warning or explanation. A few emails to the support staff received half-assed excuses in reply… something about “we don’t want kids accidentally running into your stuff or people getting in trouble at work”.


You might want to duck.

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