Janie’s A Lot Of Work

…when she’s sick.

But I love her anyway.  And I think she’s exaggerating a little, because I’m in my nurse’s outfit.

Seriously, how many times can you drop something on the floor?

I have a sneaking suspicion she just likes watching me bend over.

Not that I mind, mind you.


  1. Can’t fool you for a second, can I?

    It’s your own fault.

    I mean, it’s not like you’re wearing underwear…


  2. Kate, I’m sick in bed too, can you come and be nurse for me *bats her eyelids every so sweetly* Janie can curl up next to me on the bed and we’ll be ever so sweet and adorable as only sick people can be 😉

  3. Awww Andale. We’ll be right over.

    You get undressed and comfortable and sweet and adorable.

    I’m getting my nurse’s uniform out of the dryer now.

  4. *wonders when those bloody telaporters are actually going to make it onto the market! This teasing is simply note fair!

  5. HA!

    What goes around, comes around…

    as they say.


  6. You had better be nice Dear Janie, or you may not ever see the end of the birthday story Andale and Molly are writing for you!

  7. That is so not fair!

  8. No, but you’ll get over it.


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