Dear Everybody

Hi.  This is Kate.  This is NOT Janie sneaking into the other room to post this while I am naked and lazily lying half-asleep in the bed being distracted by Grace who also had nothing whatever to do with this post.

I am a butthead.

I am also very mean, because I have been teasing Janie mercilessly since her birthday.

I shouldn’t have ever done that because she is beautiful and smart and funny and she can kick my ass, even though I was a Marine.

She is a Goddess and I should worship at her feet, and so should you.

I am also very pretty, but I am a butthead.

I repeat.  I mean, I say again, this is NOT Janie writing this post.  See?  It isn’t even tagged with JanieBelle or Grace, so it couldn’t possibly be them.

I’m not kidding.

This is not Janie.

And Grace is totally innocent, too.

Just so y’know.


P.S. Janie is also not responsible for the large handprint on my ass.


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  2. Why Kate!

    What lovely things for you to say!

    I forgive you.


  3. Hmmm…a man pretending to write like a woman pretending to sound like another woman he often pretends to be while pretending the other pretend woman who isn’t really writing is passed out after pretending to have sex with another woman who I’m not sure is pretend but is certainly pretending.

    Now it all makes sense. Help me Kaylaface.

  4. You are soooo confused, Kevin!

  5. How pretentious!


  6. How truly postmodern 😉

  7. Sorry Kevin. I wish I could. But, since I’m sick, I’m a bit weak at the moment. And you just have to get used to it. After being around the man who writes like a woman who pretends to be another woman and so on and so forth for so many years, you just get used it. He likes pretending a lot. He does it all the time. He’s even done it to me on one of my other blogs I think. Yeah, he’s a weirdo.

    There was something else I needed to say, but I can’t remember…Crap.

  8. Geez, I bet Kevin and KaylaFace are a real blast at a costume party…

    …or not.


  9. That’s OK Kaylaface, you just get better–and don’t accept gifts of peanut butter from your Dad or the girls.

    You want me at every party Janie: I bring my redhead everywhere I go.

  10. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks Kevin. I take care of my OWN peanut butter that’s not even the same brand 😀 I may be sick, but I still got a brain. 😉

    What would you know Janie? I bet I’m great at a costume party. 😉 Just kidding!!!

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