First Time, No Prob

Janie will be jealous. She got an R the first time, and NC-17 after a few rants.

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This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • sex (19x)
  • shit (2x)
  • whore (1x)


  1. […] – That bitch Kate got NC-17 first time, too!  “Sex” appears 19 times on her front page!  This entry was […]

  2. Found you thru janiebelle. We share a dislike of fundies. I’m a bit prudish, but no one should have the right to knock you down just ’cause you use the odd profanity. It’s your prerogative.

  3. Hi Martyne! Glad you poked your head in.

    Thanks for supporting Janie. She’s a good girl, and it’s good for her to hear that from someone besides me.

    Just for the record, though… Janie uses the odd profanity. I cuss like a Marine. (I can’t imagine why!)

  4. don’t get your knickers in a twist…i have an nc-17 to and the only thing has sex at my blog is a cranky assed rabbit

  5. Eh mostly I was teasing Janie.

    I read over Janie’s shoulder sometimes. You do need to get laid.

    Might improve the rabbit’s attitude.

  6. You were warned, CJ.

  7. that would include, but not be limited to speaking to someone, sweating with someone, and keeping track of someones shoes so they wouldn’t have to leave barefoot.

    I have to get up early, and it seems a whole lot of trouble for something i can take care of myself.

    nice to meetcha

  8. You just make sure you stop by here before your 6AM hateful. I’ve got something for ya’ that will post around 5.

    Should brighten you up a little.

    Nice to meet you too.

  9. i just met you and you’re trying to ruin my one unexpurgated…well…a little expurgated….moment of the day?

    I’ll be here…lets see whatcha got.

  10. I’ll be here probly too. I’m up at a decent hour, unlike SleepyBelle who only sees the sunrise if it’s between my thighs.

    So to speak.

    Usually I just let her sleep in. She’s a nightowl.

  11. wait…you’re up and you don’t have to be? what iswrong with you? *s*

  12. She was a Marine, CJ.

    Early to bed, early to rise just in case there’s an emergency and God isn’t up to handle it yet kind of crap.

    That’s abusive in my book. Let’s make a new world wide law – No wars until after 10AM coffee.


  13. I was a marine to Janie. I learned to sleep whenever the opportunity presented itself. I am now capable of sleeping for a month and a half.

    your wars law gets my vote..i don’t think anything should occur before say, post noon.

  14. I’m not unreasonable. Let’s allow them to load their guns and stuff between 10:25 and noon, but no shots until after that.

    Oh, and they have to work on Eastern Time. I don’t want them waking me up with missiles and nuclear warheads just because they’re in a different time zone.

    That’d hardly be fair to me.


  15. And while we’re on the subject, I’d like to propose we mandate much quieter ways of them killing each other.

    I’m really hating loud helicopters and stuff flying over the house.

  16. Oh, and that goes for those big cannons they have to practice with, too.

    If I have to go down to the main gate at Lejeune and complain about those damned things one more time…

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