Shuttle Play By Play

We’re about 40 minutes from landing, and I’ll be giving the text version in the comments as I watch NASA TV.

Here’s the NASA-TV page with video links, or you can follow along with the Dr. BA here.   He’s cute and more knowlegable, but I have my moments.  Take your pick.



  1. […] Pop over to Kissing Corporal Kate while HotHead here simmers down.[…]

  2. Mach 25, just touching the atmosphere. Little less than a half hour out…

  3. Pretty much just looking at mission control…

  4. 25 min 250k feet 16600mph

  5. Roll reversals to bleed off excess speed. 23 minutes out..

  6. Lovely view of the Mojave. Runway 22 at Edwards, will come in from NE, but crossing over San Diego and LA first…

  7. 227k feet 21000 fps under 20 minutes

  8. Satellite weather maps on NASA-TV

  9. Back to the Mojave and the runway. It’s shimmery…

  10. elevons are becoming active, roll and pitch jets are deactivated. Under 18 minutes out

  11. 215k feet 13000 mph (she said 215 feet, but I’m pretty sure she meant 215,000 feet)

  12. She’s probably nervous. She sounds like it.

  13. Looking at the big monitors at mission control. 200k feet 32miles 11000 mph

  14. The Mission Control guys look bored, and one guy in the background just picked his nose I think. (JK, he’s biting his fingers)

  15. 183k feet 9000 mph under 14? minutes to touch down

  16. 13 minutes, runway 22 at Edwards

  17. Haven’t heard any com traffic yet.

  18. 165000 feet 10000 feet/sec 12 minutes out

  19. 11 mins 155000 feet, on tracking stations at Dryden sp?

  20. OK, there’s some com traffic,

  21. TacNav on board are receiving info from the landing site. GPS data being incorporated to the primary and backup flight control system

    220 miles out

  22. 115k up 151 miles out

  23. ooo got the shuttle on visual camera…. it’s like a faint blob of light

  24. blob starting to take shape

  25. looks like a shuttle now

  26. cockpit camera

    weather info and landing conditions being radioed up

  27. Nasty echo/reverb thing going with the com traffic. Like the sound is being replayed over and over.

  28. Ground camera has a sweet look now.

  29. making a hard right turn

  30. sound still all screwy

  31. looks like she’s coming out of her turn…

  32. 428mph 1000 ft

  33. HUD view, can see the runway

  34. 1 minute

  35. landing gear out

  36. wheels on the ground… chute out. nose gear down.

  37. all stopped. woot!

  38. You dun good.


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