Tuesday Morning Not-So-Hateful

This'll get the stick out of CriminyJicket's ass

CriminyJicket, this is to get the stick out of your Six AM Hateful ass.

From me to you.

Good Mornin’ Sunshine.

(You can click it and make it big.)

Oh, and since it’s Tied-Up Tuesday, there’s a bonus for you down below.

Tied-Up Tuesday

Have a nice day!


  1. morning

    well, not only a wonderful use of camouflage, but no trumpet blaring reveillle music in the background. you are ok by me Kate
    as far as the stick in my 6 a.m. hateful ass? It’s not tied up tuesday for me, its torment tuesday and that ain’t no stick sunshine thats a Sequoia

    have a good day

  2. i like the new look

  3. 🙂

    Sorry I wasn’t up when you were here. Actually, I was up, I was a little… busy.

    Somebody… and we won’t mention Janie’s name… needed some attention.


    You have a good day too. Hope you got a little spring in your step today.

  4. Oh what a lovely sunrise that is, Dearest.

  5. Hey, I thought they always said the sun doesn’t shine there…


  6. […] Somebody Lied I always heard the sun doesn’t shine there. […]

  7. […] morning starts. This morning also included a beautiful sunrise, the picture of which you can find here. It made hateful hard until I remembered we were dismantling the slag caster today. We […]

  8. Not sure where Giant Redwoods come in to it CriminyJicket but I have to compliment Kate on her gorgeous pins and tasty ass.

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