First August Humpday

Happy Hump DayI got no takers on this last time I posted it, so let’s try again. Maybe it was just because I posted it on a Friday, but don’t be a bunch of wusses this time.

Will you get over the hump by humping? Have you ever?

Before you go home tonight to spend the evening boinking your brains out, think back to that time with your secretary, that time with your boss, that time with your secretary and your boss.

Where did you do it? Supply closet? Over the copy machine? On the boss’ desk after hours?

Happy Hump DayWas it at the company picnic? The Christmas party?

Let’s hear it. Tell us your best sex-at-work story. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your current signifigant other, we promise.

Then go home and do the horizontal mambo as soon as you get in the door. Don’t hint about it, don’t request it. Walk in the door, grab a handful of hair, kiss like you want to be kissed, and drag your lover to the bed. Or the kitchen counter.

Or the picnic table out back, where the neighbors might catch you…. if you’re lucky.

Have a great Hump Day.


  1. I’d love to help you out Jarhead, but I’m a virgin and therefore have no hump day stories to share.

    I just stopped in to say hello


    I’m done now

  2. There is a girl at my work I would like to hump but, sadly, I doubt it will ever happen. She is pretty, generously upholstered and gets me dripping. Unrequited is the word that comes to mind.

  3. You never know, girl. She may be thinking the same thing.

  4. Criminy,

    Look, virginity is a congenital defect, and it’s cured easily. Get on with it.

  5. I so wish you are right Kate. Do you think I should risk asking her? Remember we may have to work beside each other for a long time to come.

  6. no can do corporal kate. I’m saving it for marriage.

  7. Martyne,

    You’ve got a few choices here:

    Don’t ask and definitely regret it forever,
    Ask and maybe regret it ’til one of you leaves.

    I know where I like the odds.



    Now you’re just trying to provoke me.


  8. I would never corporal Kate. Ok, that was a lie. I very seldom provoke…no..thats also a lie..//ok, fine…maye i was

  9. Assume the position.

    We’re about to kill two birds with one stone here…

  10. it’s ok, kate, ration realuty just f&^$ed me

    your way sounds better though…

    uh…whats the second bird?

  11. You’re a bright boy, I thought you’d figure it out.

    A. Correction for attempting to provoke me, and possibly for lying about your virginal status.

    B. Correction of congenital defect.

    **now what did I do with that riding crop…**

  12. I don’t know why, but i suddenly want to get naked and sing the Mr. Ed theme song

  13. Thanks girl. No recriminations. Will give it a try, she is so sexy. If it doesn’t work out it is not your fault.

  14. You are believing a rabbit who says he is a virgin? Jeez, haven’t you kids heard the phrase fuck like a bunny?

    Innocents, all of youse.

  15. Let’s go Max,

    Tell us your best story about fucking like a bunny at work.

    Nobody else has the juice here.

  16. No way. I am a shy and delicate flower.

    Also I am not sure the statute of limitations has expired.

  17. Then make one up, fer Pete’s sake.

    (Pete’s too shy to ask for himself.)

  18. Pete played too much Dungeons & Dragons in his youth it would be sadly wasted on him.

  19. He’d probably smudge his screen before he got past “There I was…”

  20. Hey. Quit taking cheap shots at Pete, you two. What did he ever do to you?

    Perhaps he just needs the services of an “Auntie”.

    Oh Auntie Maaaaa-aaaax…


  21. I fucked a hot girl ate work hard. We slid across the desk, and got everything wet. I licked her boobs and she gave me a bj. She made ma good and hard. I’ll change anyone virginity, cause i love humping.

  22. ORLY?

  23. I think boobiesgalore needs to be a student at Auntie Max’s school for wayward fibbers.

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