Six AM on Humpday

Madison and Erica - Bent, by Rob Beyer @ FlickrWaking up on Humpday with a little humping to start your Humpday with humping.

If you are waking up this Humpday with no one to hump handy, then just pretend it’s Masturbation Monday.

Happy Humpday.

Where I found it:

That’s Madison and Erica – Bent, by Rob Beyers.


  1. Or you could just call it Wacking Off Wednesday!

  2. Or Tossing Off Tuesday!

  3. that looks like smooching nt humping…and is it still humping if no penis involved? Girls being classier than boys I figured they might call it something more classy

    maybe “bumpin uglies”

  4. No, criminy. We (bein’ all classy n’ shit) call it “doin’ the horizontal mambo”.

  5. oh c’mon Janie…you don’t really say that do you? *L*

  6. Actually, sometimes we do, when one of us is being playful or coy.

    Usually though, we just say “fuck” or “have sex”.

    …unless we’re feeling especially raunchy.

  7. I don’t know how I missed this the last 3 weeks, but it made me chuckle.

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