Kate’s New Look

Showin’ Some LoveI hope you like the new look, Lover. You didn’t really give me much to go on.

If you don’t like it, you can tie me up and spank me later, it being Tied-Up Tuesday and all now.

I cleaned up your blogroll and your categories while I was at it.

I think I need a little attention before I go to sleep, so I hope you don’t mind if I wake you up.



Well Look

Happy Mondayat who is taking pages out of my book!

I am such a bad influence on her…

Janie Killed Me

JanieBelleSeriously.  Beginning of the very first chapter, I’m toast.  I totally held off on moaning about my demise in The Lilith Quotient, because obviously she can’t kill me, right?  I kept waiting for the trick or the super-speed rescue or something, but now she’s four chapters in, and I’m still dead

What’s up with that?

I liked my last words, though.  Very me.

(Anybody have Jesus’ phone number?  Maybe he could help me out here…)

I Can’t Get My Post Done

There is a huge science thing that I want to post that involves physics and philosophy and economy and all sorts of stuff.

It’s Big.  It’s really HUGE.

But Janie’s got the horn something awful after she found out this morning that I’m helping Molly and Andale with  her birthday story and our new playmate Grace is here, so I can’t seem to stay upright long enough to write it.

Oh darn.

You Might Think It’s Valentine’s Day

I Love You JanieBut it’s not.

It’s Janie’s 18th Birthday!

Go wish her a happy one!

(She thinks she’s going blog visiting at midnight. Um. No. I have other plans. So while you’re reading this time-delayed post, we’ll be … otherwise occupied.)

Janie’s A Lot Of Work

…when she’s sick.

But I love her anyway.  And I think she’s exaggerating a little, because I’m in my nurse’s outfit.

Seriously, how many times can you drop something on the floor?

I have a sneaking suspicion she just likes watching me bend over.

Not that I mind, mind you.

In The Event You Thought De-Listing Was A Minor Issue

The BoyThe Boy makes a very good point with a graphic illustration of what de-listing did to his blog stats.

His voice is being silenced for no better reason than he was critical of WordPress’ policy.

We are not at war with Oceana. We were never at war with Oceana.

Janie and I are done blogging for the day, we’re going to practice some “mature material” kinds of things for inspiration. Then we’re going to watch the game and go for some more inspiration at half-time and after the game.

Maybe we’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, if our blogs haven’t been deleted by the WordPress Gestapo by then.

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