Hang It on the Bed Post

#082 - Scarlett Shackled In Lingerie (low def sample), by Helene de Troy

#082 - Scarlett Shackled In Lingerie (low def sample), by Helene de Troy

Janie’s collecting virgins’ thongs.  For the record, I still have hers.  It’s hanging on our bedpost, and her silver ring is on a chain around my neck.  Trophies.  I love trophies.

I wonder what sexual trophies people keep.  I can’t be the only one.

FStDT – The Holy Sex Police are Guarding Your Under-Hole

Toqueteo 2, by Sorgin @ FlickrI know it’s Oral Orgasm Thursday and not Masturbation Monday, but this couldn’t wait.

No further comment from me necessary, Maxine takes care of it:

“(Big Jesus FTW!)

If you’re worried about your wicked behavior being watched by a camera by the police department, let me tell you there is a bigger camera that is watching all of your wicked behavior. It’s call the Lord God Jesus Christ. And he sees everything. So turn off your computer porn and stop rubbing yourself in unholy ways, stop picking up whores in cheap bars and stop shoving long objects up your under-hole. Yes, God is watching, don’t be afraid of Big Brother, because Big Jesus is watching and you will be swimming in a molting lake of fire if you don’t hand over your life to Jesus, libtards. I’m praying for you, it’s probably a lost cause, but I’m earning points with Jesus.”

Maxine, The Daily Page, Madison WI Comments (34) 2007-Nov-14

Where I found it:

That’s Toqueteo 2, by Sorgin.

A Little Oral Love This Morning With Coffee

Thousands of Sexy and Funny Images at DarkCasket.com

Thousands of Sexy and Funny Images at DarkCasket.com

And one for Max below the fold that’s just too dirty for the front page.  Have a great Thursday.

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Thursday Morning Thoughts

Thinking On ThursdayNothing earth shattering, really.

Shakespeare has learned to pee on command. That’s kind of funny. I take him out in the mornings, usually, since SleepyBelle is more of the night owl type. When he gets out on the back patio, he waits by the back door, looking at me for permission I guess.

I say “Go Pee” and he gets up, trots on over to his regular spot, and pisses up a storm.

That’s in addition to sit, down, fetch, paw, and stay. Bright dog.

Maybe he’s afraid of my knee-high boots….

I call them my “Fuck-me boots”. Nice big heels.

Have a great Thursday.

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