Wall Of Shame

A list of the most shameful, ignorant, and just plain stupid fundies and whack-jobs with which we have crossed paths, and links to a few of the places they have shamed themselves or have been shamed, their names indelibly spray painted on the walls of the blogosphere below.

At the top of this list, for de-listing both UDoJ and Kissing Corporal Kate

(but not other adult oriented blogs, interestingly)


Old Bitter Balls

Who worked terribly hard to earn his place here.

Old Knudsen is proudly here by his own request, and is the owner of the only blog to be listed both here and on the Wall of Honor.

We’ll work on a special graphic, just for you Old K.

Slimy Salvador Cordova, Asshole of the Year, 2008

Dohn Asswipe Javison

(or pretty much anywhere else in the blogosphere, for that matter.)

William A. Dembski

Denyse O’Leary


Weapon Of Mass Instruction

(same as above)


Rev. Vincent Fields

Marcus Kindley


Charlie Scott

And of course no wall of shame could be complete without:


On Notice

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